Being strong isn’t just about being physically fit, it means being mentally powerful as well. When you learn to keep your body healthy, your mind will follow and with these two principals working together, you can unlock the key to realizing your true potential and RUN your life!

The RUN Your Life Coaching program was developed on two principals: elite fitness and healthy active living. We work with people all over the world, teaching you how to RUN Your life. Our expertise is in bringing people, mostly women, from a life where fitness isn’t a priority, to a life enriched and empowered through an active lifestyle.

The program is proud to be at the heart of many athletic careers, helping athletes from many different backgrounds and sports. From professional race car drivers, to track athletes, and fitness competitors, we help develop not only the strength that you need to succeed but also the mindset of a champion, because around here we love to win!

If you feel confident in your own skin, if you feel physically fit and proud of your physical accomplishments we, the RUN team believe that you are more likely to set your goals a little higher, take more chances, dream bigger and really create the life of your dreams. One workout at a time you can achieve anything you want.


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Patrick SeguinI have been racing cars professionally for a little over 5 years and to be able to compete in this taxing sport, have kept myself in good physical condition. In reaching the Continental Tires Sports Car Series this season I wanted to bring my best foot forward to which I decidedly stared working with RUNYourLife Coaching. I was impressed from day one by Mia’s specialize approach, she got to know my limitations and what this sport needed from my body. The continuously evolving programs have improved my balance, speed, range of motion, strength and agility! If you are looking for that competitive edge, RUNYourLife Coaching is where it starts!

- Patrick Seguin - World Challenge & IMSA Professional Driver
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