Are you frustrated with your lack of results? One key reason may be that you’ve been avoiding this delicious macronutrient from your diet… FAT.


That’s right. Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds of fat or put on some muscle, healthy fats are an essential part of your diet.  In fact, incorporating healthy fats into your diet actually helps you to lose the body fat you are looking to shed.

I think I have to say that this is one of my favourite macronutrients.  Not only do you need fats in order to lose body fat but they all taste good and make you feel good!

Definitely one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes fat is that they will make you… fat.  Healthy fats are essential to a balanced diet and all part of the fat loss plan.  Incorporating healthy fats in your diet not only helps you to maintain a balanced diet but also balances out your hormones in order to signal your fat cells to actually release the fat they are holding onto.  Therefore, eating healthy fats literally helps your body to release stored body fat and allows you to use it as energy throughout the day instead of storing it and bringing you further away from your goals.

And yet again the same rule of thumb applies here, everything in moderation. You certainly don’t need to be eating a ton of fats each day even if they are healthy, and of course the more unhealthy fatty foods you eat, the more that will actually get stored as fat and not be used for fuel.

When it comes to focusing on a low fat diet, believe it or not, what ends up happening is an over-consumption in carbohydrates.  If we aren’t eating a balanced diet we crave energy and we crave good tasting energy, carbohydrates always win whenever we try to cut things out.   The kicker here is that those who eat a low fat diet actually manufacture more fat in their bodies!  The less healthy fat you eat, the better your body becomes at actually developing it’s own fat in your body and well, we all know how that looks and feels.

What Are Fats? 

Fat is a fat burner, this is the key to remember here.  These fatty acids are just all a part of your weapon to lose those 10lbs. and then some!

Nuts, oils, avocado, fish, omega 3 fats in eggs all of these are great example of healthy fats you can incorporate in your diet.

  • drizzle flaxseed oil onto your salad
  • Have some almonds of veggies as a snack in the afternoon
  • Incorporate eggs into your diet-eating the yolk is good for you in moderation!
  • Instead of ice-cream treat yourself to an avocado smoothie.  Add in your favourite berries and shake mix and you’ll have a delicious, healthy fat smoothie.
  • Have fish for one of your meals 2-3 times/week

As a rule of thumb, eat 2 thumb sizes of fat at each of your three main meals.  The more balanced your meals are the more body fat you’re going to lose!


Coach Mia

Making Fat Loss Simple

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