The Carb Scare

March 17, 2015

Does this sound familiar?

Your friend throws his or her hands up in the air in desperation saying

“That’s it, I’m not eating any carbs, nothing, no bread, rice, oatmeal, nothing. I need to lose this weight, I’m just going to do it!”

People in desperation who decide to cut all carbohydrate-rich foods from their diet in hopes of achieving the weight loss they’ve been dreaming of, often cause their bodies to achieve the reverse effect and can actually cause you to develop more FAT!

Carbohydrates come mainly from plants. Grains, vegetables, and fruit are all carbohydrates.

Refined or processed carbohydrates (as most of you know them today) also exist in the form of flour and sugar.  In order to be used by the body, carbohydrates must be broken down into their simplest form when ingested – this reaction yields sugar.  All carbohydrates, no matter which ones you eat, therefore, get broken down in the body as SUGAR.

Sugar is energy, so it doesn’t mean we don’t need these delicious tasting foods!


Sure it may help you lose a few pounds in the beginning I can hear you say, but that’s mostly just water weight because each carb molecule is able to hold up to 3 or 4 molecules of water. What eventually ends up happening once you go off this really awful diet, depriving yourself of foods you really enjoy is a carb binge, where you eat any and all carbs in sight and it typically ends up being the french fries, and deep-fried snacks that just make us happy. You end up hating yourself for doing this and thus begins the cycle all over again, telling yourself you’ve just got to try harder next time.


Don’t do this! The secret to all of my clients’ success is The Project 10 Challenge which allows you to slowly introduce new habits one at a time. By slowly changing up your diet to be more balanced and realistic, you’re able to maintain the changes you’ve made and add in new healthy habits. Give yourself a break, learn to eat well one day at a time. Learn more about the P10 Challenge at RunYourLife P10 Challenge


Coach Mia

Making Fat Loss Simple

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I want thank Mia St-Aubin for helping me on my last challenge. My goal was to get a six pack for the first time ever and I knew I was going to need help. I believe if you are going to ask for help you must go find someone who has done what you want to achieve. Mia was exactly the right person to ask for many reasons. She is not only an expert in weight loss, health and fitness it's her life. She brings so much passion and excitement to the table it makes you want to give more of yourself. This challenge was SO FAR BEYOND my comfort level, I cannot begin to tell you. However, her program, mentorship and resourcefulness has made this challenge not only simple and achievable but fun as well. My results are very attainable and Mia has certainly helped me take my fitness to the next level. Thank you for all your expertise and support!

- Mireille Lavalle - One Determined Woman
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