I mean, I REALLY love running (if you know me know you know that I am obsessed!)

The truth is though, when it comes to FAT LOSS, certain types of exercises – aerobics, hour long spin classes, hours on the stepper, even at home Jane Fonda type aerobic workouts don’t do a heck of a lot when it comes to fat loss.

MUSCLE burns fat but these types of workouts burn muscle too, causing you to lose little, if any body fat during these long, tough workouts.

Before you know it you’re doing a ton of these classes per week and not seeing any results! The truth is, many aerobic workouts are long, and the fat burned during the workout is minimal.  Similar to when you restrict your calories or jump on the latest fad diet -when you do hours of aerobic training your body burns muscle tissue as well for energy and the increase in the amount of fat burned before your next workout is next to nothing. Research shows that an excess in aerobic training causes a loss in muscle mass which causes a reduction in fat burning.  The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn!

Simply put, CARDIO is meant to work your cardio vascular system and although there are certain types of cardio exercises that you can do to help promote fat loss i.e. interval training like sprinting a sure way to lose body fat is through STRENGTH TRAINING. Instead of upping your cardio, focus on lifting those weights. Strength training promotes muscle growth (with the right diet of course), the more lean muscle mass you have on your body the more body fat you can burn. 

And ladies fear not, you are not going to end up looking like the next female Arnold, trust me.  It takes hours and hours of work in the gym and a very regimented diet in order to build that much muscle and if you have the right program for you the only thing you’ll be building is that six pack you’ve been dreaming of.

So what’s the solution?

Get yourself set up on a strength training program. Build up that muscle so you can burn that fat! Enjoy some aerobic classes from time to time if that is something you enjoy, but take out the guess work and get yourself a coach and a program you can follow that will get you to your goals!

When you’re in the gym and you have to chose, go for the weights!


Coach Mia

Making Fat Loss Simple

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Chayada ChulopasMy name is Chayada Chulopas and I live in Thailand. I’ve been a fanatic runner since was 14 years old. In the last few years however, I felt I wasn’t improving much anymore. So in March 2014 I made the decision to start training with RunYourLife Coaching with a goal to improve my 400m run. Working with Mia changed everything. My physical strength and my sprinting skills improved enormously and I am super motivated again. Soon I will get the chance to prove myself at a competition to see how many seconds I can take off my personal best.

- Chayada Chulopas - 400m Track Athlete, Bangkok Thailand
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